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20 Things To Do With Seniors During National Wellness Month

Seniors practicing yoga

August is the official national wellness month. Getting the seniors in your life up and active is vital for their mental and physical health. Here is a list of 20 indoor and outdoor activities seniors can do with family and with the help of caregivers.

EXERCISE Join the local gym and attend one of the various silver sneakers classes. Some offer modified yoga, aquatic aerobics, and many other classes to get your senior up and moving within their capabilities.

GARDENING Light gardening is a great way to boost physical and mental wellness through functional fitness. Caring for plants gives seniors something to look forward to as they watch them bloom and fruit.

ARTS AND CRAFTS Arts and crafts allow seniors to create with their hands and increase blood flow and dexterity. Crafts with seniors with limited dexterity be a source of joy and satisfaction for those who struggle with independence.

MUSIC Music stimulates happy memories, boosts personal mood, and encourages social engagement. Our in-home caregivers can select music that uplifts the quality of life of their senior patients. They create a safe space filled with pure positive memories and care for their patient.

PUZZLES AND BOARD GAMES Puzzles and Board games improve memory, enhance problem-solving skills and encourage attention to detail. Game night offers fun social collaboration and time to enjoy with your loved ones and caregiver.

TRY NEW RESTAURANT A new restaurant just opened in your area, another one you have always wanted to try. Make plans with a friend to visit and enjoy the day out trying something new. If you are not in the mood to go out, takeout is also a great way to try a new restaurant in the comfort of your home with your caregiver. Do not forget to ask for your senior discount!

WATCH A MOVIE New movies or even the classics are now readily available at home. Invite the family, put out their favorite snacks, put on a movie, and enjoy quality time with the ones you love.

GO FOR A WALK Fifteen minutes outside can boost your daily dose of vitamin D and increase your overall mental and physical health. Spend that time exploring the beautiful landscape of the local parks, neighborhoods, and even the backyard with the help and support of an in-home caregiver.

VISIT MUSEUM Art and history museums are great places to visit that helps improves Cognitive Health, encourages learning, reduce stress, and can help slow the progression of Dementia. Museums are a great way to enjoy being out of the house while avoiding large and loud crowds.

LISTEN TO A PODCAST Monthly podcast listeners 55 and older have increased by 70% since 2014. Seniors may enjoy listening to podcasts like; NPR, You Must Remember This, The Daily, and many others.

VISIT A LOCAL FARMERS MARKET Weekends are the perfect times to visit the local farmers’ market for quality produces and goods. Include seniors in deciding what fresh fruits and vegetables they want to enjoy in their meals. Try a new recipe with the produce you pick up from the market.

GET PAMPERED Spa days have a way of uplifting one’s quality of life. Book yourself a day full of pampering. Enjoy a manicure, pedicure, or even a massage on this much-needed spa day.

ADOPT A PET Pet adoption can combat the feeling of isolation and senior loneliness. Adopting a rescue pet provides companionship and the opportunity to care for a living being.

FIND A PEN PAL Written letters are not as common nowadays, but writing to a pen pal can be a great way to reduce feelings of isolation. Writing is also excellent for the brain, increases emotional intelligence, and enhances communication skills.

READ Reading is a great way to stimulate your senior’s imagination and sharpens decision-making skills. Your senior may enjoy reading newspapers, blogs, magazines, and books.

JOIN SOCIAL MEDIA Technology is forever evolving; it is never too late to learn. Help your seniors connect with distant family and friends by creating a social media profile. They may also enjoy following their favorite artists, actors, television, and news programs.

JOURNAL Journaling provides an opportunity to preserve memories and stories for future generations to read.

GOAL SETTING Goal setting for seniors can be a grounding activity that helps motivate them to lead the life they want. Goals allow them an opportunity to challenge themselves to learn and experience new things.

QUALITY TIME Spend quality time with the seniors in your life, which helps them feel valued. Enjoy quality family time sharing memories and stories that will bring you closer together.

Be sure to refer back to this list when you need ideas about things to do with seniors. For more advice on caring for seniors, check out our other blog posts.


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