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Companionship Care

Patient and Nurse


Reach home care provides companion services for seniors to help enrich the lives of those we serve. That's why our caregivers take the time to get to know each client and provide compassionate care tailored to their individual needs


Nurturing a good quality of life at home – Did you know that older adults are at an increased risk for depression? As people age, they become more vulnerable to isolation and loneliness, so providing the right support and a nurturing environment is essential.


At Reach Home Care, we understand how important it is that your loved one is not only cared for physically, but emotionally as well! We’re proud to have a team of thoroughly trained and compassionate professionals who are prepared to not only become in-home caregivers and protectors to your loved ones, but also become genuine friends and true companions.

We’re committed to creating lasting relationships between our clients and caregivers, so that everyone involved feels connected and respected. That’s why our caregivers are some of the most compassionate and dedicated people in the industry. Our team will keep your loved ones company and engage them in soul-warming conversations that foster meaningful connection.


We also create activities tailored to each individual’s interests, so our clients can de-stress, have fun, and enjoy themselves every day! Whether it’s reading together, solving a crossword puzzle, walking outdoors to enjoy the sun, shopping at their favorite store, or just stopping to smell the roses, these moments are designed to bring relaxation and contentment to older adults in their golden years.


Above all, Reach Home Care will always be there to lend a listening ear and helping hand whenever needed, giving your loved one the assurance that they are not alone. With Reach Home Care, you can rest assured that your elderly family members will never feel neglected or lonely. We are here to provide companionship, support, care, and make a difference!

Our senior-centered caregiving services include:

  • Meaningful conversations

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Playing games

  • Making crafts…and more!

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When you need in-home care services, look to Reach Home Care to deliver the excellence and compassion you deserve.

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